UPHD – Private Hire Drivers

The UPHD branch of the IWGB was established to represent the concerns of Private Hire drivers in the UK, building on the efforts of the United Private Hire Drivers’ association. The branch aims to hold the largest collective resource of Private Hire drivers in the UK.

To join UPHD, click here and you will be redirected to a blank form. The form will ask you for your name, first line of address, town, post code, account number and sort code.

For more information contact James Farrar (james.farrar@iwgb.co.uk).

The reasons for the formation of the UPHD branch are many:

To work hard and look after the interests – discipline, grievance handling, discrimination, company communications, etc – of all our member drivers. There is currently no protection at all for drivers. We are at the mercy of Company management who care little about us;

To promote and support regulatory policies that enhance the safety and security of drivers and our passengers;

The pay is ridiculously low. Without a strong voice moving forwards our pay will be cut even further when the job market provides enough drivers willing to work for less. Not many dare speak up. If they do, they are fired, either by direct communication or by jobs no longer being received;

To take advantage of recent legislative changes by lobbying for a cap on the number of private hire vehicles Councils can license, something black hackney drivers have benefited from for many years.

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