Contact us

Our national officers are;

1. General Secretary – Jason Moyer-Lee (
2. President – Henry Chango Lopez (
3. Vice-President – Maggie Dewhurst (
4. Treasurer – James Tiplady (
5. Women’s Officer – Catherine Morrissey (

IWGB Headquarters:

Independent Workers Union of Great Britain,
IWGB Office, 12-20 Baron Street, Angel N1 9LL


Phone: 02034907530 / 02035383720


One thought on “Contact us

  1. Thought I’d pinch and tell you privately the following. Went to Pentonville after work today (about 5ish). There are some brown nosing, scabby prats working there. Couldn’t see how rushing to complete piecework jobs apart from cutting an already abysmal hourly rate, raise serious health and safety concerns not just for them but for the public. Also, some preppy (and thick) young American woman, giving it large how she’s an intern there and saying how it’s easy to do 3 bike rides. Really bigging up the company (probably coz mum and pops has a few shares, no doubt! ). Anyway, she was running your union down, big time! Although I argued with her, it gets to a point where I don’t want to engage with these cold and callous reptiles and have no interested in appealing to their better nature – they really haven’t got one!

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