About us

The IWGB is a fully independent, worker-led union fighting for the rights and welfare of some of the most vulnerable and under-represented workers in the UK.

The Union is comprised of several semi-autonomous branches which organise workers within their chosen industry, run their own campaigns and have their own representative officials. There are also five national officers who do not belong to any branch but serve the Union as a whole. The Chair and Secretary from each branch plus the four national officers form the IWGB Executive Committee, which is a policy and decision-making body that meets once a month to discuss Union-wide affairs.

Our national officers are;

1. General Secretary – Jason Moyer-Lee (jasonmoyer-lee@iwgb.co.uk)
2. President – Henry Chango Lopez (henrychangolopez@iwgb.co.uk)
3. Vice-President – Maggie Dewhurst (maggiedewhurst@iwgb.co.uk)
4. Treasurer – James Tiplady (jamestiplady@iwgb.co.uk)
5. Women’s Officer – Catherine Morrissey (catherinemorrissey@iwgb.co.uk)

Please direct any general queries to: office@iwgb.org.uk / press@iwgb.co.uk


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